There's been a lot of press given to personalized homepages. Personally, I use Netvibes, I mean Google Reader, I mean Tiny Tiny RSS to read all of my feeds and to make sure that my site's feed displays correctly. I used to use aKregator for reading, but I like having an online reader so it is available anywhere I want to read.

One of the nice things is that Netvibes supports exporting of OPML. What I haven't seen yet, with one exception, is a Web 2.0 site that does something with OPML or even feed-reading in general. The exception I mentioned is Share OPML. Share OPML has a lot of nice features: sharing OPML files (obviously), seeing what other users are reading, linking to the feeds directly, and reader counts for a given feed. The most interesting feature is "Subscriptions Like Mine", which will analyze your subscriptions and show other users with similar tastes.

One of the things lacking with OPML is a standardized icon for it, which Chris Pirillo has made an excellent attempt to rectify. Here is Chris's icon beside the accepted RSS feed icon. I really like the choice of color and the radiating look of the OPML icon, and it feeds with the theme of the RSS icon. Nice work Chris and team!

OPML Icon RSS Icon

My OPML file can be viewed at Share OPML or download.


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