Google Reader & The Importance of Data Portability

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The closure of Google Reader has once again highlighted the importance of data portability. Fortunately, Google Reader supports export to OPML and every alternative I've looked at supports import from OPML. As a replacement, I've set up Tiny Tiny RSS in a virtual machine. The base image was the TurnKey LAMP Application and the installation was straight-forward.

The ability to export and import my subscription list has been crucial to switching between the feed readers I've tried. It amplifies the need for standards-compliant tools and really drives home the fact that I need to support those that allow portability and create those standards-compliant tools.


The DataPortability Project does a better job of explaining the importance than I could. There are several good reads on why the idea of data portability is important both from a technology standpoint and a business standpoint, as well as what can people do to promote the idea.

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  • 4/1/2013 - Article written.